I'm looking to send my children (18+) to study English abroad. I see a lot of talk about Malta being a good destination, but I know nothing about it. Why is it considered a good place to learn? And what can i expect to pay normally for 1 month of general tuition?
Malta is an island nation in the Mediterranean. English is one of its two national languages because Malta was a British colony for 150 years. In recent years, language tourism has become an integral part of the nation's economy, with thousands of English students coming down from Europe, and from even farther around the world, every year.

Many choose Malta because it is a less expensive option to studying in the UK, the Americas, or Oceania. The climate is also nice, and many choose to combine English study in varying degrees with a beach holiday. The islands also have a lot of historical interest, which is attractive to the older and more serious crowd. Emotion: smile

There are about 40 English schools in Malta. Each one must pass routine inspection by the Maltese government's EFL monitoring board to ensure the maintenance of a high standard throughout the industry. Nevertheless, schools do vary greatly from one to another in standards of teaching as well as focus--some are more geared to recreation and some to academia.

Since your children are over 18, I would suggest choosing an adult school for them. Try to speak to students who have studied in Malta and ask their opinion about the schools where they studied. Check the schools' affiliations, and beware of privately owned certification systems, which require a membership fee from schools, as obviously this can result in conflict of interest.

We'd be happy to have your children at Elanguest, if we're the kind of school you're looking for. Emotion: smile Our main focus is excellent teaching in a friendly environment. We're located in the main international area on the coast. A month of General English runs from €620 during summer to €500 during low season. Best of luck to you, whatever you choose. Emotion: smile