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It should come to an end. It is not a discussion and full of the same rhetoric. Also the title is in my opinion offensive. Many followers of Islam would find it insolent.
Muslims ruled over Russia,China,India,Spain,Italy,Greece,Romania,Bulgaria,Moldovia,Ukrain &about mostly part of the world for hundred of years with giving peace &security to non muslims. If they wanted they could converted or killed or expelled all non muslims in to islam as christian did in spain & kazan& italy&sisly&cremia etc.

Why are muslim still in minority in the world despite rule for hundred of years. When they had the power they could do very easily. No one( u.n.o.,media ..etc) was going to stop them. only islam stopped them because islam is a religion of peace & security.

So nonmuslim should stop to do false propaganda against islam.
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God knows no one has yet seen anything but backsteps from muslims. Call them terrorist, fundumentalist, what ever floats ur boat, but please don't forget to call what ever u have see so far casualties for peace. Because if muslims wanted distruction it would have been distructed. This is crazy how everyone is just falling into this stupid devirsion. Why are most of the muslims terrorists? Lets go back here a couple of years. before 9/11 was this question so popular. were rednecks killing poor indians thinking they are terrorists? No. Don't u see? while we're thinking about about muslims and terrorists there are more than couple of groups fulfilling their agenda. How smart does this sound? we nearly left no mountains in afghanistan trying to kill one man. This is like shooting at an ant with handgun except u cant even see the ant in this situation. and then we made some more enemies w/ the taliban. that was cool. n then out of no where we got paranoid about Iraq. I don't remember iraq or saddams involvement on 9/11 attacks to think that saddam will nuke us. does it sound smart so far? then we spent millions of taxpayers dollars and hundreds of our soldiers blood to distruct a country which never attacked us or would have attacked us. but thats ok 'cause some people got what? give me an O and an I now a L, what we got? OIL. An eye for an oil. And ur still thinking why r muslims terrorist? Wake the fk up. 'Cause were about to go into Iran and thats not going to be so pretty because the confidence we just got from winning a war in iraq who put out no fight and had no nukes is not good enough. We're going into a war w/ our eyes open knowing we can prevent it. Still only for oil. There are no terrorists. Its bogus. Its the bogeyman story we tell our kids so we can make them do as we say. As americans if we are so good intentioned and good doing why do we put a gun to their head, strip them down, take their oil and kill them if they put out a fight. Because if u see the main picture thats exactly what we do. Its not them man, they are not terrorists, we are. And yes We Can Stop Terrorism.
The most Muslims are NOT terrorists .. i am from Kirgisistan it is muslim country and people there are very friendly!!!
Muslims arreee not terrorisst!Because Osama Bin Laden terrorist is, does that not mean for a long time that we are all terrorists. It gives many christian terrorists or buddish terrorists, it gives terrible russian mafias.But we muslims say not that christians are terrorists.
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David the title is in my opinion offensive. Many followers of Islam would find it insolent.
Many muslims are members of EF, and this isn't the first thread that is directed to them, and which have a terrorist connotation associated to being a muslim.
Clive WoodwardI suggest this thread be either deleted or moved to Topic of the moment.
I'm not good at keeping the count or stats, but I think there are about 3 to 4 threads about Muslims and them being Terrorists and stuff running there. Will moving this one change anything?
Pretty funny, how about this question;
Why Christians(Americans) & Jews(Israeli) soldiers are terrorist and like to abuse???
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Yeh, i have question?

Why did America allowed herself to destroy Irak, and the holes moshques there. Irak is now just a Devil´s place. Everybody know that Bush did that for the Oil what in Irak was. Why did nobody said about that? Is that really wight to destroy the holy places or to murder innocently islam ppl??
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