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hiya. i have just watched a documentary about what goes on in many mosques. and i am absolutely amazed that things like that are allowed to carry on without the interference of the police or other such forces. basically what was said on the documentary was footage of muslim leaders, that were known by many people had spread the hatred of christians and jews. they called them the kufaar, or the kafir. they also spoke of how homosexual men should be thrown off cliffs, i understand that homosexuality is against the muslim religion. but don't muslims state that they are a peaceful religion and want to fit in and accept their surroundings. as well as that they stated that women were basically made stupid and should always wear the hijab. there were many other terrible things said . the program can be seen on channel 4 on demand and can be downloaded. i must say, that if i myself were to state things like the muslim religious leaders have, i would be arrested immediately and would most probably be called racist and be done for discrimination. personally i believe that religion is the source of all wars in the world. it is why there are so many conflicts in the current world. i believe we all could better ourselves if we just had a happy and good lifestyle, it would benefit everyone. this does not mean that we should give up our religion, instead it means that people should stop twisting their faith and using it to their advantage. and instead follow it in a peaceful manner just like many christians and catholics do these days. however i do know that there are extremist groups of every religion, i also know that the muslim faith seems to have extremists in every mosque so therfore they are a higher risk to all of us.
I echo your sentiments wholeheartedly. I am a man in the Christian faith. The facts don’t lie. Muslim fundamentalists represent majority, if not all of the terrorist activity around the world. What goes on behind the front of most mosques in the western world is kept from the public eyes. In the , even the government agencies are backing off due to political backlash. I certainly have no answers as to why but the influence of the Islam world has infiltrated our civilization and to a certain extent even our governments. There is a town called in the central valley of where everyone knows is the hot bed for Muslim activities, including the abnormal kinds. In , Muslims demanded they be allow to use loud public speakers to air their prayers, just like in Turkey and Iran.

( http://jihadwatch.org/dhimmiwatch/archives/001560.php ) In and many European countries, the Muslim immigrants have caused a lot of social problems and disturbance as seen in the fires set by in France in Germany a couple of years ago. If we step back to have a broader view, we will find the western civilization as a whole, with the infiltration of the Islamic movement, the and the major European countries will be brought back to the 13 century soon with at this pace, if we are not already there. The proponent of the religion defended that it’s a peaceful religion but the degree of terror they are capable of is beyond the comprehension of the civilized world. How are we to be convinced that Muslim is a peaceful religion?? And how on earth can some of the westerners be as blind as to be brainwashed and help them to gain political ground in western society. I personally do not want to live in a world where certain people believe if you are not a worshiper of their God, then you are an infidel, and therefore deserve to die.
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