Nowadays, move from one country to different country and it seems to be getting more and more popular. In fact, one hundred and ninety thousand Vietnamese students are living in another country. “one is destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing thing” is the quote from Henry Miller and that is one of reason why do many people live in another country. There are various factors contributing to this problem. I will show it to you in this essay.

Let’s start by looking at the main reason of people move from one country to another country. In the modern world, many parents want their children to study abroad cause of their children can experience and explore new things, broaden their horizons and enrich knowledge when they live in foreign countries. Study abroad is probably the best way to enhance English ability because they must communicate in English every day. If they study abroad, they will have many opportunities to develop themselves.

On the other hand, many people settle in other countries for work. Honestly, in the other country, they can find many jobs easily. There are have variety of work for them. They will have many chances to apply job to gain experience. Besides that, they can find new opportunities to succeed and many interesting things for them to explore, which makes them more creative. Moreover, the value of money in the other countries is higher, they will have a comfortable life easily and can support their family.

On the negative side, whether they study abroad or work, they still have to go through harsh climates. They may have language difficulties at first, they have not adapted to the culture and do not eat with taste. The time difference is also difficult for them, it will affect their own health. Especially they have to live independently, no one supports them except themselves.

To sum up, you can see everyone tends to move from one country to different country. Most of them study abroad. From my perspective, the main reason that people live in another country is to develop themselves, to experience, to learn new things to be more creative, to gain experience to be successful and to earn money to support their family.

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