Why is president Bush very willing to shake the Chinese representatives hand, do business with his country, remain silent about violations of human rights when he refuses to do the same with Cuba because Cuba is communist?

Right now China has hundreds of thermo nuclear missiles pointed in our direction, Castro has none. China offered no help to the hurricane disaster victims. Cuba offered to send medical doctors and other help only to be insulted and rejected because accordinmg to Bush, he can't be in good relations with communists. So what des he call the Chinese if not communists?There is something very strange about this double standard that offends the ethical sensibilities of those of us who notice it.

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And again, it is Cuba that has accepted to have Al-Qaeda prisoners on his soil!

You don't have to question Bush, because he is Bush! You can expect anything that doesn't seem right, fair, wise, ... from him!

Frankly to say, I do not see any differences between him and Iran's supreme leader! Listening to speeches made by any of them reminds me of the other! And it is interesting that both of them consider the other his enemy!
This policy of winking at China while condemning Cuba even to the extent of getting other nations not to do business with it has not been restricted to the Bush administration. It goes back to the Cold War period when the USA did business with Communist Russia as well but kept the pressure on Cuba. Very weird