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Marriage is a contract of an interpersonal relationship with governmental social or religion recognition. In 2001, there was a legal concept of marriage between same sex marriage. The reason people marry usually includes the legal social and economic stability. With a live-in relationship,either the husband or the wife must own the house or hold the bank account whereas with the married couple both the husband and the wife can own the the property and hold a saving account together and can split all up if they get divorce.
In some countries, live in relationship is generally taboo but a number of young couple in big cities prefer to live it. If you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, nothing can offense your commitment of independent platform such as condition, family, discrimination,curriculum vitae etc...Live in relationship can help you to avoid these conservative views.
A young girl has made people surprised by her new innovated point of view in a language exam.She affirmed that Live in relationship expresses the respect of marriage and the proof of real love. What an innovative girl! I think she's really right when she said:" It's never broken the traditional culture of our country because people respect their marriage and don't want to marry and after that they will divorce."
Some people have relationship before their marriage and are pregnant should get married. So people live together without marriage because they love each other not for other reasons such as: power,money, fame, family etc...It's not really bad! As a matter of fact, people live in relationship usually show a good relationship by mutual caring, loyalty trust, respect each other etc....
Because Love is Blind, Marriage is the Eye-opener.

Also Familarity breeds Contempt.
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Hello MrP,

I fully agree with you. bcoz I am also a Unmarried person. & looking for live-in relationship. But couldn't get the appropriate female of my match & of my thoughts. But Getting married is not the solution, we should rather know each other to get married. Though no one is perfect but look for the better option before dumping ur life for the unknown. All are different, their thoughts are different. I'm not ready to follow the traditional system of the society to get married. Don't take me wrong, its my feeling not for all.

I think we should look for the semi-perfect match for ourselves for getting married bcoz nothing is perfect in this world.

all the best for those who are staying in live-in relationship.

by VM
I prefer live-in relationships because of the fuss of wedding process. Emotion: smile
I don't think we should rather know each other to get married, especially in our country. Getting married is not really difficult if you have power,fame, money and a good appearance etc...A lot of foreigners have got married with our brides. Do you always think the grass in that hill is greener than this one? Around us, there are a lot of association, the respectable people, the match- makers are ready to help you to meet someone for getting married. But looking for live-in relationship is not easy, to get the appropriate person of your match is really a problem if you demand a true love, a mutual care, a fidelity when you have nothing to prove all your perfect behaviour for all your life.Only a " blind love " or a " super true love" can satisfy this demand. So, I have the same opinion like you, all the best for those who are staying in live-in relationship. However, at the bottom of my heart I like to hold the handle instead of the blade of the knife.
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I think this question really depends on which country you live in, in western culture it is much more common and normal to have a live-in relationship then in (for example) arabian culture (see post above).

I would prefer a live-in relationship befor i get married, because living together is a difficult thing and you have to get used to eachother, a lot of relationships fail because people can't live together without fighting etc. while they didn't have these problems living apart.
therez a hell lot of diffrence between a car n a human..

may for you dere might not be any diffrence..for you seem to hav forgotten the essence of love,relatinships.................it sounds you are running from something that is not after you..........

life isn't about holding gud cards ,its about playing those you hold good............

its all a matter of trust,faith and believing........if we fail in it den also what,its about giving your best and then everything is destiny...it doesn't giv a reazon to stop believing in it....................relationships are all about commitment,it does come with freedom but then freedom comes with responsibility..................
Why do you think your wife can't be a good friend? (you will take time to know her just the way you take time to know your friend)...why do you have to submerge her wishes?( unless you have an inferiority complex or you are too competitive with your wife not to let her fulfil her ambitions......you sound a man from the 50's).....Marriage will increase your respect for a woman when you only understand the deep relationship and the aroma of that relationship....

you sound like a baby going for a small bite of a sweet when you can actually have a load of them.
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