It is true that live-in relationships are more preffered throughout the world these days. why are people afraid of marriage?
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You may aswell ask why people are afraid of not-marrying.

Why should anyone marry? Apart from the legal implications it's just a public display of what each person in the couple should know already: that they want to spend the rest of their lives together.

So why bother making such a private understanding public?
I hate to speak of marriage this way, but any lawyer will tell you that it's a 'legal institution.' This means that the married couple is a legal entity (i.e. individual) in itself: 'it' can own private property. In many countries two individuals can't own the same property for more than a certain amount of time, or just can't own it at all. This means that with a live-in couple, either the husband or the wife must own the house or hold the bank account. Whereas with a married couple, both the husband and the wife can own the property and hold a savings account together, and can then split it all up if they divorce.

But remember that marriage is sometimes a very different reality. In India and China arranged marriages are ingrained into the way of life, with the motivating factors behind marriage being bridewealth, dowry, and working through the caste system in India's case. You'll even find 'marriage parlors' in India, where parents take their teenage children to be suited.
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Ever heard of try before you buy?

I think it's a good idea to live together BEFORE you get married to see how compatible you really are. It's easy to hide certain 'annoying' habits when you only see each other the odd hour here and there (and the bad habits that you didn't know you had in the first place).

I think marriages have lost their appeal to the younger generation because it means commitment and not many people can handle that (along with faithfulness).

Marriages involve more legal problems and is sometimes considered an unnecessary and expensive ritual.

I have no problem with either or. It depends on your religion and your beliefs.
I always hate to be married to a woman and making her wishes to submerge for my sake and then not allowing her to do her job correctly. It's not a fair means on this aspect and also that to restrict her ambitions to my own wishes. I will support thsose who think that just being friends in the life will serve better than getting married.
I agree that it is a good idea for a couple to live together before getting married, but I don't think that marriage involves more legal problems. I think the opposite is true. A lot of live-in couples have endless problems when it comes to ownership. For instance, if a live-in couple move to a new house, and they split the cost both ways, only one partner can be the registered owner of the property. If the couple splits up on bad terms - which is not a rare occurence - it will be very easy and perfectly legal for the registered owner to sell the property and run off to Barbados with all the cash. This is why divorce, if that's what you were alluding to, is not a 'legal problem,' but a legal solution.

I disagree completely with the idea that marriage is unattractive to young people because they fear and can't handle commitment or faithfulness. I think the reason is far less simplistic than that. Young people aren't bums. They work hard to go to university, and it has become normal to get more than one degree. They have a lot on their mind, and are more driven and commited than ever. Young people commit themselves to an education and to a career, rather than to marriage. Demographers have noticed that in the past decade people are getting married and having children much later than before, because young people swear allegiance to other things, and not because they are not committed at all.
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Well, woodward, I thought try and buy was only meant for things and human beings. Good that u didn't say that buy today, use it and return it tomorrow.

People who are afraid of committment try the live-in relationship, I believe. Otherwise what is wrong in marriage when anyway, u want to live together?
Hi Anita,
buy today, use it and return it tomorrow

That was funny. Something like Rent-a-partner. Sorry, there's no refund policy!

But a live-in relationship is still a commitment. You have to share costs, household chores and most importantly space. You have to learn how to negotiate and that sometimes you can't have everything your own way.

When I started living with my girlfriend, I considered it a commitment. We lived together for about 2 years (from memory) before we got married. It was just a natural process. At the time we couldn't afford to get married and we also needed to get to know each other a little more.

I think the best test for a relationship to see whether you are compatible or not is probably not by living together before marriage but going on a long trip/holiday, travelling around different cities. I'm talking about at least 3 weeks together (24 hours a day). That is when you learn how a person really is and whether you would 'survive' a marriage. All the negotiating and planning and preparing and decisions and and and...
Well, Matthew, I think things have changed a lot in India though I can't talk for China. Now, it is seen that even in India either it is love marriage or live-in relationships, though there are still a few who go for arranged marriages.

well, that is a by the way topic anyway, I don't know woodward, as to why u had to emphasys on the costs,etc ,etc, don't u do that in a marriage too.. whats the big deal ?!

I agree that u should know each other before getting married but that can be done in just courting also ,why live-in relationship?

And why do u use the word 'negotiate' as if it is a business deal?
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