why woman care man" height while man care woman"s face?your opinions?
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A variety of reasons. Things that attract the opposite sex . Nothing wrong with that. Natural primitive instincts. Plain superficiality.
TO me, men look at looks and women are words. Romance for women but for men it is in the mind.
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I don't really agree david... I think, rather than instincts, it is more what society teaches us is 'preferable' to look for in the opposite sex. If children were brought up without being exposed to the norms of society, height wouldn't matter as much as it does... to what extent it would anyway I do not know, but I'm sure it would not constitute such a determining factor.
I think its more to do ith the basic instincts which has been within us since ages and also hormones.
Men have always been the looked as protectors of society and fighters, that is why they are expected to have height, broad shoulders and broad wrists.

But her's something, women change there liking twice a month. Study shows that the women during the first 14 days of their cycle prefer men who have broad shoulders and height and square jaws(hunks), while te same women when asked to choose among differnt pictures of mean after 20 th day(When Ostogen is low in level) prefered cute and chocolate face men, men who looked decent and soft.
So its not really the question who is prefered more tall men ot short, all depends on the lady.
So more than Lady Luck, it is Hormone Luck.
I think you may be on to something with the hormones. I am still trying to figure mine out. LOL,,, Just when you think you have them under control, something happens. Don't know what or how. Well I have an idea LOL, but I am working on it.
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You will get Nobel prize from me , if you are able to do this.
I will hold you to that. Cutie!!
women might not want to admit it but a taller man provides some sense of security. Men like womens faces because they are attracted to certain facial demensions (equal)
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