I've recently come across both 'wide off the mark' and 'wide of the mark'. Could anyone tell me whether there's any reasoning behing cutting one 'f' off? Is it correct at all?

Thanks a lot

Hi, Lenka,
They both work. I think "of" is more common. It's like "clear of the mark."
"Off" would be more like "far off the mark."

Grammatically, I think "wide of the mark" is adverbial, as in "I placed it west of the mark."
"Wide" answers the question "where," and the prepositional phrase "of the mark" modifies "wide."

With "wide off the mark," I think the prepositional phrase answers the question "where," and "wide" is adjectival, modifying the prepositional phrase.

I guess this sounds like a lot of BS.

Best wishes, - A.