I'm reading a book published in 1925.
The sentence is:
=93He filled his lungs with the air sweeping in from the open spaces, the broad open spaces where men are men.=94
Now that sounds like a quote to me. Does anyone recognize it. Is he quoting travel literature of the day (just as "See America First" was a travel slogan for the railroads in 1906). or is he quoting movies?

Where Men Are Men was a 1921 movie starring William Duncan, and Wide Open Spaces was a 1924 film starring Stan Laurel (not yet part of the comedy duo of Laurel and Hardy).
I'm sure both of these movies had to have been titled on takeoffs of some kind of advertising, but I can't find anything.

Can anyone here help me with the origins of these phrases?
Horace Greeley, a reporter of the Old West. "Go West young man, Go West."
I believe it is in his writing: The West, where men are men.