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I found these two in the nursery rhythms. If we say that a kis is wiggling around the room, do we mean that s/he is moving around with quick movements of hands and legs, or just the legs( any kinds of movements)? And if s/he is bouncing around, it means that they are bouncing from one place to another?And what's the difference between "jumping" and "bouncing"?
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I think when you bounce around you are keeping both legs together and jumping energetically like that, with vertical movement more important than forward! i.e. Tigger!

Wiggling means to undulate, as Clive said, like a worm or a snake - it doesn't have anything to do with moving fast or chasing or throwing yourself about. To wiggle: stand in one spot and move your hips from side to side or round and round, now do the same with your shoulders,...you are wiggling! Now take a step at the same time...you can see that you can't really go that fast.

Are you thinking of wriggling? That makes me think of puppies wriggling around, jumping all over the place all excited, tails whirling, bodies writhing, falling over, lots of movement. Maybe this word is more apt..it is much more dynamic than wiggling. And it is often used a 'wriggling around'.
My dictionary says 'wiggle' - to move quickly and irregularly from side to side. I'd add that to me it can also have the idea of undulating like a snake, which is often said to wiggle. Also, a sexy woman in a tight dress may very often be said to wiggle as she walks! So, no, not just legs.

'Bounce' is what kids do on a bed, they get energy from the bed which flings them up in the air again.
'Jump' means they are going up off the ground by using the muscles in their legs.

Thus, if a kid jumps on her bed, she will also bounce, but she won't bounce if she jumps on the floor.

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Thanks Clive for your explenation,
Another question regarding to "bound", the kids bounce on bed, not around. Or when they are bouncing all over the bed, then we can use bounce around?
And if we say that the kids are wiggling around, it means that they are sometimes chasing each other, sometimes rolling, ..., they are in quick movements rather than sitting somewhere, right?
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Oh, I'm so sorry, Nona and Clive, I meant "wriggle around". (even now, typing the word, I made the same mistake and typed it as"wiggle" at first!)
Now I got my answer, the kids almost do almost the same activities you mentioned that puppies do, when they wriggle around!
Thanks a lot, both of you.
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