Hi guys,

Would u do me a favor and explain the meaning of "wild card" to me?

I'd be very appreciative if you explain it in details and with examples. Although I found the meaning of it in many dictionaries but I could not really understand the meaning.

I've been following some skating competitions and Kostner has been referred to as the "wild card".

Reason: no one knows how well this "wild card" is going to do in this competition.
She may blow away the competition or she may bomb. No one can tell at this point.
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Do you mean she should keep a low profile?
I don't know if she should. It's not for me to say and that's not what "wild cards" mean.

Wild cards are unpredictable because they can turn up to be "anything". In my example, Kostner can be 1st or last. She's definitely not the favorite, but she has the potential to "shake things up", so to speak.

Another example: there are "wild card spots" to the Olympics, right? In this case, we don't know who will get the spot, and that's why the spots are considered "wild cards".

Remember Scrabble? There are "blank tiles" that can substitute for any letter. They are the wild cards in the game.