stop and start =?
Will chime you change and hours=?


Louise Bogan

Henceforth, from the mind,
For your whole joy, must spring
Such joy as you may find
In any earthly thing,
And every time and place
Will take your thought for grace.

Henceforth, from the tongue,
From shallow speech alone,
Comes joy you thought, when young,
Would wring you to the bone,
Would pierce you to the heart
And spoil its stop and start.

Henceforward, from the shell,
Wherein you heard, and wondered
At oceans like a bell
So far from ocean sundered --
A smothered sound that sleeps
Long lost within lost deeps,

Will chime you change and hours,
The shadow of increase,
Will sound you flowers
Born under troubled peace
Henceforth, henceforth
Will echo sea and earth.
As I said, I don't like trying to analyze the lexico-grammatical aspects of poetry, but your thread seems to be slipping away, Jobb.

'Stop and start' I suppose refers ('its') to the heart, so-- the ending and beginning of love, hope, etc, the emotions with which the heart is concerned.

'Will chime you change and hours'-- 'chime' is ring like a clock, hence 'announce', the changes and passing hours of your life. What is 'chiming' is the our mind when we get older, which, like a seashell placed to the ear, gives forth a faint echo of the real sea (real life) which we experienced in youth.

It is a lament against aging. . . I think.
I think you appreciate natural sciences much more than poetry.