If coastal erosion continues to take plase at the present rate, in another fifty years this beach _____anymore.

1.doesn't exist
2.isn't going to exist
3.isn't existing
4.won't be existing
Which one is better, 2 or 4?

Could you native teachers please give me a hand?
Thanks a million.

Hi Norwolf

I am not a native speaker but this is what I reckon. Between options 2 and 4, I will choose 2 (...this beach isn't going to exist anymore). However, if option 4 was 'won't exist', then it would work as well.

So rapidly!
Thank you, Peaceblinkfriend .
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I think it depends who is saying the sentence ...

Expert: be going to

A person: will

A person with proof: be going to
norwolfCould you native teachers please give me a hand?
For the purposes of this test question, you were expected to know that the verb exist is a 'non-progressive' verb, that is, it can't be used in progressive tenses. That definitively eliminates 4, which is 'future progressive'. Only 2 is correct.

Thank you all.
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Thank you all.