Hi everyone,

Need your help on this. Is will held in the sentence below correct or should it be will hold and Why? Thank you in advance.

Failure to abide with the order will held the Department Head administratively liable.


Will hold.

The rule is that after any modal auxiliary verb (can, could, may, might, must, will, would, shall, should) we use the bare infinitive. The form has no tense on it.

...will go

may need

should buy

might have (might have been)

could be

It is the same after any form of "Do."

do go

does go

did go

don't go

doesn't go

didn't go

I didn't go.

Did they go?

Do they go?

May he go?

Will he hold court there?

He will hold court there.

He won't hold court there.

Won't he hold court there.

Never use a past form after one of those words: modal auxiliaries or "do."


Thanks Englishmaven!