Which one or ones are right? When do we use each of them?

1. I will be looking forward to meet you.

2. I will be looking forward to meeting you.

3. I am looking forward to meet you.

4. I am looking forward to meeting you.

I think that depends on whether you are looking at 'to' as a preposition or 'to meet' as an infinitive. Are they both correct?

How about this?

I like playing chess.

I like to play chess

For the above, are we looking at the choice of looking 'to play' as an infinitive acting as a part of a noun and 'playing chess' as a noun phrase?
  1. I will be looking forward to meet you.
  2. I will be looking forward to meeting you. Grammatically ok
    ...but it suggests that right now you are not looking forward to meeting them. You won't start looking forward to it until some time in the future. Rather odd.
  3. I am looking forward to meet you. Incorrect
  4. I am looking forward to meeting you. Correct and a standard phrase.
I look forward to meeting you is commonly used.
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how bout this...

" we are looking forward to have a meeting with you next week to discuss on the arising matters as per tentative below:-

Venue: ..........



You are encourage to attend this meeting. Should the tentative inconveniene with you please let us know immediately otherwise confirm with me as soonest."

Guys..i'll appreciate if you could check my sentence/grammar above...thank in advanve for your prompt comment guys..
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Here are some edits and comments.

Best wishes, Clive

"We are looking forward to have a meeting with you <<< This sounds like they already know about the meeting. If not, say 'We would like to meet with you'

next week to discuss matters arising from the tentative agenda below. (Where is it?)

Venue: ..



You are encouraged to attend this meeting. <<< You might want to phrase this differently. It sounds like you think they may not attend. What is your relationship with the person you are writing to? eg Is he/she your subordinate? Or a client? Or a peer?

If the date and time are inconvenient, please let me know immediately. Otherwise,please confirm with me as soon as possible.

Thanks for your comment clive,

actually i want to invite him for a meeting/discussion. i am a client, he is my subordinate.

another one , how you define tentative? is it something unconfirm things? when the right time to use 'tentative'?...

Before I answer your question, please clarify this.

You said i am a client, he is my subordinate.

In a work context, a 'subordinate' is someone in the same company who works for you.

eg If you are the manager of a department, all the people in the department are your subordinates. But if you do business with people who work for other companies, those people are not your subordinates.

A 'client' is rather like a customer. If you and I work for different businesses, and you pay me to do something for you, you are my client.

So, does the person you are writing to work for you? Or are you his client?

I want to clarify this, because we speak differently to subordinates and to people where there is a client relationship.

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Ok, sorry for the unclear information..im not so good in english,

Before i clarify to you, let me xplain what i do,hope dont mind to read it...im working in construction field..my company is the client and im doing the coordination/liaison works with my consultant/supplier and main contractors.. mostly we use english language...im fresh engineers and im in a learning stage, so in the same time i want improve my communication skills....

So, the case rite now is....i(client) want to invite to my subcontractor/main contractor for meeting to discuss some technical items which i have highlighted to them last 2 weeks by email and letter.

So...i would like to seek your advice/comment on my meeting invitation or you may suggest to me the best/more formal way to write it....

I really appreciate your concern on my problem mr.clive....hope that i can learn a lot from you...


OK. Just be polite. I suggest this.

We would like to meet with you next week. Details are as follows.

Venue: ..



Agenda: ...

Attendees: . . . (a list of people who are invited, including yourself)

If this is not convenient, please let us know immediately and we will try to reschedule. Otherwise, please confirm to me your attendance.

Best wishes, Clive
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