Greetings friends
I have this problem with phrasal verbs and Idioms and phrases.I would learn a new Phrasal verb from a movie and when I try to use it I forget the other part of that phrasal verb.For instance,I"ll confuse whether its "off" or "out" or "away" thats would be used along with that verb.Would you suggest me an effective way to get that "Feel" for a phrasal verb that I learn rather than just memorizing it blindly.
Thank you.
I don't know where you are from so you may or may not have this feature in your own language:

Because French has noun genders (masculine and feminine), French schoolchildren learn all their nouns with the article, for example "le nez", "la bouche", so they always know what gender the word has. This is in contrast to English-speaking schoolchildren who just learn "nose", "mouth".

It's just an idea that I thought of while reading your post but you could try to use this method for learning phrasal verbs. Always remember that there's two parts and without the final part it can change all meaning. If you hear "take off", don't just learn "take" but think of it as one entire verb "take off".

I hope this helps a bit...
Thank you A Cornish Pasty.Thats helped.