Please look at the following question.

" A demonstration of the most recent PDA model will ____ place in the conference room on the third floor before it goes on sale"
1) take 2) be taken 3) be taking 4) have taken

The correct answer is 1) take. I understand it can be a correct answer. By the way, I think 2) be taken is also the other answer.
I've searched the following sentence in Google.
"A mistake is taken place in my site".
So I think that those in passive voice is also okay.
Could you tell me whether my thought is right?

Thank you for your answers in advance.
Things cannot 'be taken' place. The sentence you found is incorrect English.
Thank you so much for your answer,Fivejedjon.
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However "will be taking place" is a valid construction.
Thank you for your answer,Mr.Grammar GeekEmotion: embarrassed
I'm not a "Mr."

(The given answer is the more normal version. It's just worth saying that it's not wrong to use the other.)
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Ah! I'm sorry for it. From now on I will remember you are Ms. Thank you for your answer,Ms Grammar GeekEmotion: embarrassed
Or you could just say "GG" with no Mr or Ms or anything else Emotion: smile