Is this okay: The tenant is asking if we will/would/can provide a place for her to stay the night since her room is unoccupiable.

Are all three okay? What’s the difference?


All three are OK.

In the given context would is a softer form of will. will is a stronger form of would.

can is only about the ability (to provide a place). By convention, however, when we ask if someone can do something, we often mean that we want them to do it. Because of that, can is not significantly different from will or would in this situation.



All three would be understood as asking for a place to stay. Technically, they mean slightly different things. I would describe them thus:

Will you provide a place to stay? -- Do you intent now to provide that place?

Would you provide a place to say? -- This is a softer request where the action (providing a place to stay) depends on another condition (her room being unoccupiable).

Can you provide a place to stay? -- Another soft request which actually means "are you able to provide another place for her to stay?

I hope this helps.