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many thanks for your previous help! I really appreciate that. Can you please help me with other problem?...Emotion: smile I have a situation where one desperate woman calls 911, because there is fire in her apartment. The problem is that all I'm seeing in that scene is that 911 operator with the phone in his hand, so I don't see what's happening in that woman's flat...Ok, here is the thing.

Desperate woman: I can't open the window! It's painted over(????), and...(After she said it, 911 operator wrote into his computer:"Window painted, shut".)

911 Operator: Mrs. Emmerson, can you safely exit the apartment some other way?

Desperate woman: No, the smoke and fire, it-it's everywhere. I can't see anything.

911 Operator: Okay, I want you and your kids to get down on the floor, under the smoke and see if there's some other way for you to get out.
Mrs. Emmerson? The fire department is on the scene. Can you put something bright in the window so they can find you?

Please what's with that window? Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't get it...Did she mean that the window was just recently painted? Or that there is cage outside of that window?...

many thanks in advance!

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They've painted the non-glass parts of the window and the window-frame, and now the dry paint is preventing her from opening the window.

Have you never painted your window frame? If you're not careful, you will paint over the gap between the window and the window frame. Once the paint dries in there, it's very hard to get the window open. You'll need a knife or other flat, sharp object to run between the window and the sill. If this has happened on the oustide of the window, the person inside will not be able to open the window.

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Clive you're genius!...[Y] Thanks!!!
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Hi GG,
Grammar GeekHave you never painted your window frame?
Emotion: smileNo I haven't, seriously..:-) But thank you again to both of you. Yeah, that makes sence. I don't why, but I wasn't able to figure out what happended with that window. I kinda felt that the painting will be somehow involved in that, but it really didn't come into my mind that the window was stucked because that painting dried...It have to be someting wrong with me...Emotion: embarrassed.
Thanks again!