People are angry with Microsoft and its digtal rights dictatorship. Vista is garbage, rubbish, bloatware, crippled.
Have you switched to Linux yet? If so, which distribution?
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Yeah, it has taken a while to get used to things, but I reckon it has been worth it! I have reclaimed my computer from the clutches of the Microsoft monster ... lol
It's great that there exist almost for every program a Linux version. But not games.
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Yeah, the games are pretty dreadful - unless you consider X-Plane a game. It is the only flight sim for home computers which is approved by the FAA for training! You need a lot of space on a fast drive though; just the terrain files take up a whopping 60 gig!
Did I understand it right, X-Plane is the name of the game?
http://www.x-plane.com /

Yes, but I'm not sure if I would calll it a game. Older versions are free, but I think the newest costs about US$60. Pretty cheap for an amazing piece of software!

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Do you use it? Is it comparable with Microsoft Flight Simulator X?
lol .... yeah, not only is it comparable, but it is a lot more realistic (in terms of physics)! That is why the FAA approves X-Plane but not FSX. Both progs need pretty powerful machines to run well, and both are very enjoyable. Of course a good joystick (or yoke) and a set of pedals make it even better!

If just the physics are better then it's comparable with MS flight simulator for me!
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Marius HancuUsing Linux since 1991 on an off, permanently since 1994Emotion: smile
Wow, I wouldn't imagine that you use Linux. +1, man!

I use Gentoo now with 4 years of experience.
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