People are angry with Microsoft and its digtal rights dictatorship. Vista is garbage, rubbish, bloatware, crippled.
Have you switched to Linux yet? If so, which distribution?
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My first distrubition was Slackware Linux (8.x if I'm not wrong). Since that day I've tried many distributions, and right now I've stayed at Mandriva 2007.0. But I want to try Gentoo. Emotion: stick out tongue
you are right,

i use it know and its very good..

it does not have any problems like the other rubbish windows.eg: windows vista, windows xp
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window is easy to use for home but linux not.
Xiaochong0302window is easy to use for home but linux not.
It's a matter of habit.
I have 6 computers. I am using Windows XP, Windows Vista, Slackware Linux 10.1, and FreeBSD 6.3 for my machines.
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I don't think that Vista is horrible. But on other way I've never used Linux or BSD.
I have used Windows XP for 6 years and it is still good for me. I also have a dual-booted Ubuntoo Linux and both OS are good compatible.
Vista is also nice but it quickly burns your hardware. I'm waiting for the next release from Microsoft called 'Windows Vienna' or ST like that. Btw, thanks to Bill and his collegues. Long live Windows!
Been using Windows for 6 years. But work dictates Linux last March. Now, I use Linux at work while Windows at home.

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Well, actually I got Vista installed without any problem on my brand new pc. I think Vista's problem is with older hardware, which should be changed in order to get it working fine. Maybe is Microsoft's policy. Linux is cool, I know. I installed that too! Emotion: big smile They are like good brothers now!
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