People are angry with Microsoft and its digtal rights dictatorship. Vista is garbage, rubbish, bloatware, crippled.
Have you switched to Linux yet? If so, which distribution?
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Prez1dentAnd people will be using Windows... Microsoft will never been replaced...
MS is gradually falling apart. It may lose its current market share in the future.
I agree. Monopolies never last for ever.

Go Linux!
I disagree. For most of people using Windows became a habit
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vista is the slowest biggest piece of software the present generation have seen.

it is rubbish and a step backward in terms of speed. all young people have now little regard for microsoft,

Apple are you out there.
Yeah. I found it slow and inconvenient. So, I think I'll continue using XP until Microsoft invites another version of Windows.
Most people will have absolutely no idea of just how terrible Vista is until DRM kicks-in in a couple of years. At that time people will either come begging to Linux users for help, become slaves to 'the system', or commit suicide.

I'll probably be dead by then, and blissfully unaware. Good luck!
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My computer is too old to install vista, so Long Live XP!!!
Do you, or do you plan to, have children who might come into contact with Vista?
As for me if I had children I would teach them not to use Vista!
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Linux Mint - Daryna!
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