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People are angry with Microsoft and its digtal rights dictatorship. Vista is garbage, rubbish, bloatware, crippled.
Have you switched to Linux yet? If so, which distribution?
I know Linux. I suggest you only, if you know what you do! I mean, if you know something about your computer and you know how to use it.
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Which Linux flavor do you use?

I found this today. It is really scary! http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/pubs/vista_cost.html
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AnonymousWhich Linux flavor do you use?
Well, if you ask which distribution I like than it's Debian and its derivatives.
I use Linux too, 50% of my computing time at the office and 100% at home. I also use Debian based distributions, having tried (among others) Knoppix Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Damn Small Linux, and am now very happily using Mepis Linux.

I recently tried an online Debian installation. It worked really well and installed without a hitch. The only problem was that when I got to the command line I felt a bit like someone who had just bought a new Ferrari, but whose legs were not long enough to reach the pedals. A short while later I found and tried Mepis Linux, and I have absolutely no trouble using it.

I think the average Windows user would find it extremely easy to use. I have found nothing that Mepis cannot easily do, yet. Linux is finally user-friendly! Yay! Just in time!
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Ya i too accept your point... My favorate edition is fedora-6 then what about you people....
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I would say that Windows XP is and was the best operating system of Microsoft.
Yes. Although XP doesn't seem as fast as 98, its driver support is very nice. Unfortunatley, drivers will become a hellish nightmare under Vista. Microsofthas gone mad! Nothing that is not specifically approved by MS, and designed to cease functioning when Hollywood see fit, including content you have created yourself, will work at all (as well documented in the article).
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