All the following terms are related to housing.

1. What are garden windows? Why are they so named?

2. What are bay windows? Why are they so named?

3. What are bow windows? Why are they so named?

4. What are French doors? Why are they so named? Is it true that French doors are the way toward your backyard or patio most of the time?


Check out these images.

Hi Dave or anyone else,

close but no cigar.

1. 'garden window' ---- people usually put their interior plants in that area.

2. I still don't know why it is so called bay window?

3. 'bow window' --- because of the shape like a bow?

4. I think I know what a French door look like. Is it originated from France?

Thanks for the reply.
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'Bay window': Makes a small compartment because it is set out from the exterior wall, often, but not always, proceding from the floor up --which adds a little floor space to the main area, just as a bay is a small body of water off the main body of water. It's different in size and purpose from the smaller bump-out of the Garden window (yes, for keeping indoor plants that like lots of sun).

'Bow window': Yes, from its curved profile.

Don't know the origin of the French door.