Could anyone provide the official term which detremines a glass panel located on a car's rear side?

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It looks like an inconsistency. The upper part of the quoted definition does not match the provided sentence example. What it the truth then?

I expect the compilers of the dictionary wanted to keep it short, and chose not to go into details about all possible options.

If you look in other dictionaries, you'll find that they typically talk about windows letting in light, letting in air, and allowing you to look through them. It doesn't mean that any individual window must do all three. They also talk about windows having glass in them, but if you replaced the glass in a window with clear or translucent plastic, or with something like netting, or wire mesh, or even with nothing at all, it would still be considered a window.

I would say that we would generally expect a window to let in light. Letting in air and allowing you to see out are optional. If the opening allows air in, but not light, or if it is there to provide ventilation and happens to allow a little light in too, we'd probably consider it a vent rather than a window.

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