Two ghost hunters try to find the evidence of supernatural activities.

They go into the kid's room and say: "One of Justin's toys - with its batteries back in for the sake of our investigation - did make nosie briefly. However, it was designed with a visual sensor to respond to the approach of certain objects, so it might simply have had a wire crossed".

--- I don't quite understand the analogy here. So what that it was equipped with a visual sensor and

does "wire crossed" mean that two wires touched together by itself and there was some short circuit inside and that's why the toy started to work for a while?
I don't understand it either. When were the batteries in and when were they out?

You would think that the toy's making noise without the batteries would be evidence of ghosts.

The sequence of events is simply not clear.

Also, it's not clear if "wires crossed" is used here as an analogy or a guess at the facts. But when were they crossed and when were they not? Are they suggesting that the ghosts messed with the wires, or that they disturbed the wires themselves while messing with the batteries?

BTW, with DC circuits, crossing the wires can make motors run backward. The expression can mean swapping the connections, OR allowing two wires of opposite polarity to touch. This latter would be a short circuit, as you suggest.
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Hi Avangi.

First it happened that the toys turned on themselves (probably it was done by a ghost) so the kid's parents pulled out the batteries. But when the ghost hunters arrived they put the batteries back in to check if the ghost or whatever would turn them on again.

As I said before I'm not sure what visual sensor and "wires crossed" have got to do with each other here?

I understand that anything might make the toy move because of the sensor, for example a fly or something - that's how I understand it.

But "wires crossed"?

The expression can mean swapping the connections, OR allowing two wires of opposite polarity to touch. - that's how I understand it, but somehow it doesn't make sense to me?

Sometimes a delicate and complex device which is intended to move about (like a toy) can have its wires disturbed by the movement of the "articulated members" - or by rough handling (by ghosts or mortals). In this way, a circuit may be temporarily activated accidently, and then return to normal.
Ok, thanks for the answer Avangi.

I just want to make sure if I understood it correctly.

The toy had a visual sensor, which means that when something approached it (for example a baby), it then moved. And then, because it had a visual sensor it could have moved, but probably this movement was caused by crossed wires rather than by a ghost.

The last sentence which I didn't add and which was said by one of the ghost hunters was: We didn't see it as evidence of paranormal activity.

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