I have often seen that in certain sentences some words are omitted. Is this correct to do?


1: Wishing you good health

To me correction version must be wishing for you good health.

2: Entrance to my home is forbidden me because ...

To me correct version is entrance to my home is forbidden to me because ...
wish can take an indirect object as shown in the first example. I wish you good health. I'm wishing you good fortune. He wished me good luck. They are all correct.

wish ... for
with an indirect object would be separated by the direct object, thus: I'm wishing good health for you. This pattern is less used. On the other hand, you can wish for something for yourself without mentioning yourself in the sentence. Everyone was wishing for a successful result. Blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, the little girl wished for a pony.

forbidden me is possible, but sounds very stiff, official, and old-fashioned. forbidden to me is much more common in everyday modern English.