'I don't have any plans for marriage right now,' Harbhajan told reporters here.
Harbhajan said rather than marrying, he was more keen on doing well in the 2011 World Cup being jointly hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.
'Right now, my focus is on the 2011 World Cup,' said the Jalandhar-based cricketer.
Though there has been no official confirmation from either of them, much has been reported in the media about Harbhajan and Geeta's closeness of late.
Geeta has admitted that she knows Harbhajan well, but claimed they are just good friends.
To a wicked question from a scribe whether he was making his comment with a hand on 'Geeta', Harbhajan blushed and said with a smile: 'No'.

Please explain to me what "with a hand" means here.

Source : http://cricket.yahoo.com/cricket/news/article?id=item/2.0/-/story/cricket.indiaabroad.com/-dont-h... /
There seems to be an expression "put one's hand on Gita" which I think literally means placing one's hand on some kind of (Hindu) holy book in order to swear an oath. (From the stuff you post, I'd assumed you were Indian, Gary, but have you never heard of it?)

I think the journalist is making a pun on this, using the fact that the lady's name is "Geeta".
Thank you Mr. Wordy

I knew that but I never thought it was a pun until you explained it.