Hello, people!

I have a question with regard to this abstract that deals about the children’s transition from primary to secondary school:

Children’s transition from primary to secondary school is a key issue for researchers, practitioners and policy-makers. A growing body of literature is now available, which demonstrates the wide range of new experiences that children face at this time. Children go from being the oldest to the youngest in their school, move around for lessons, have a number of different teachers instead of one, and start to be given increased amounts of homework. The literature also shows that, whilst for many children the transition is a smooth one, many other children find it difficult and problematic. Further, many practitioners identify the transition to secondary school as a key intervention point, with a link to later risk-taking and exclusion.

What does "with a link to" mean here? Is it saying that this transition has a link or a connection with later risk-taking and exclusion? Or that the key intervention point is the link to this, that it eventually leads to risk-taking and exclusion?

Thanks in advance!
with a link to = related to; with a cause-and-effect connection to