As a Dutch national in an international working environment I regularly need to write business e-mails in English. I am doubting whether 'with kind regards' or 'kind regards' is the proper closing for an e-mail. My Dutch collegues tend to say 'with kind regards' but I am not sure if that is not too 'Dutch-English'.
I know that it is too informal usually for formal letters, in that case I use 'yours sincerely'.

I appreciate any help from you!

Thanks! Silvie.
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Anyone who thinks that he should begin a message to strangers with 'Hi dudes' needn't worry about the finer points of complimentary closings.
Isn't is better to write "With compliments" instead of With kind regards?
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No. I have never seen that in a closing. 'With compliments' is used on the card accompanying a gift.
In Europe it is always "Kind regards" or "Best regards".
I've been an administrative assistant for many Presidents, CFOs, and COOs. We usually close with 'Sincerely.'

My brittish business associates close with 'Regards.'

Hope I helped Emotion: smile
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AnonymousI've been an administrative assistant for many Presidents, CFOs, and COOs. ...'My brittish business associates close with 'Regards.'
How long did those jobs last?
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I am English and was trained in a Cambridge UK Secretarial School in 1979 and the answer to all of the UK questions would be "Yours sincerely" if you have stated a name at the beginning of the letter (e.g. "Dear Mr Smith")and "Yours faithfully" if you have just stated "Dear Madam/Sir". You may also write "Kind regards", but this is less formal than a standard UK business letter and tends to be used for internal communication or emails. I am really surprised at how many different answers there are on this topic...

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