As a Dutch national in an international working environment I regularly need to write business e-mails in English. I am doubting whether 'with kind regards' or 'kind regards' is the proper closing for an e-mail. My Dutch collegues tend to say 'with kind regards' but I am not sure if that is not too 'Dutch-English'.
I know that it is too informal usually for formal letters, in that case I use 'yours sincerely'.

I appreciate any help from you!

Thanks! Silvie.
According to my "Handbook of Commercial Correspondence" by A.Ashley (second edition 1992, first 1984) you should captalize it:

Yours sincerly,

or, if the receipient not known by name ("Dear-Sir-or-Madam" letters),

Yours faithfully,

Note: The book is seemingly written for British-style correspondence. American style correspondence might differ from it.

In Canada, I usually see 'Yours sincerely'. Or variations like 'Sincerely yours' or 'Sincerely'.

I seldom see 'Yours faithfully'.

I never see 'Yours truly'.

Best wishes, Clive
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I live and work in Britain; most of my colleagues would sign a work-related email with the following.



(if his name was Brian ! )

Some people write "Best regards" (slightly more friendly).

More formally I would follow it with the standard Company email signature, e.g. full name, job title, company name, etc.

To my ears, "With kind regards" does sound very 'Continental' (i.e. European) !

Informally, some people write "Cheers" or "Thankx". I do not recomend these !

Hope this helps,


In the US, "Very truly yours," is a standard business closing, with "Sincerely yours," or "Sincerely," reserved for non-business letters. "Kind regards," can be used in a business setting but only by someone who is on a very friendly basis with the addressee.
Always capitalize the first letter of the closing.
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the full and offcial form is "with Kind Regards"
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Thank you very much for your help!
Should the first letter of a salutation as in "Kind regards" be capitalised?

I was taught in secretarial school (many years ago), that salutations e.g. 'yours sincerely', 'yours faithfully' and 'kind regards' ... should not be capitalised at all.
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Where I went to school I was taught (& the meanings of the words make it seem logical) that "Yours truly," is the correct response for a business saluation (i.e. the information is true), whereas "Yours sincerely," is correct for a personal salutation when corresponding with somebody that you know on a personal level.
Hope this helps!
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Hi dudes,

I have the same problem too. further more, I dont know if the closing "Very kind regards," is correct and a proper closing for formal business letters.

plzzzz help.Emotion: headbang


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