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Why is Yoong Liat a Structional Member, while Philip, who has less post than her, is Senior Member? What is the difference between the two titles?
I clearly remember that Liat used to be a Senior or Advanced Member, and all of a suddden she has been demoted to a Structional Member--Can someone please exlpain why?
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Actually he has been promoted! Look this quote from Mister Micawber's post Member "status"
Mister Micawber
First Post12

New User29

Junior Member1049


Regular Member100249

Frequent Poster250499

Full Member500999

Senior Member1,0001,999

Advanced Member2,0003,199

Forum Guru5,00010,000,000

Structural Member3,2003,499

Pre Guru3,5004,999

Thank you very much, she will be pleased to hear this.
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Ah sorry, I meant she! Emotion: stick out tongue Probably she already knows it!

(if you don't mind: this is not a topic for this forum about Grammar Help, this is more a 'Comments' topic)
Ahem I've just seen that Liat is a man by the symbol, so I was right Emotion: rolleyes
September Fools!
Ok, that wasn't that funny--And you're right, this is not the right place for this silly chat! Emotion: smile
Have a great weeekend, Fransc!
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She is a he!Emotion: wink
(I should add that the titles are not entirely serious, as they depend on post count. "Forum Guru" could very easily be replaced by "Should switch off the pc and get some fresh air instead", for instance.)
Thanks, WA, for asking about the difference in titles. I myself was caught by surprise when I saw my new title. It appears strange. It seems I'm the only one having this title.

I'm glad to learn the truth and wish to thank you, WA, for being so concerned about me.

Best wishes.
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