As you all know, I have made
some terrible mistakes lately, which have shamed England and cost
its workers some badly needed jobs. I have no excuse for my actions.
I know I can't undo what's been done. I can only try to make up for it
in some way. With that in mind(considering all that?), I placed a call last
night to King Mulambon of Zambezi. I am happy to be able to announce
that Zambezi will begin production of Africa's first car by the end of the
year and, in a deal worked out with Prime Minister Hale,(discussed with him?)

all of the engines will be built right here in England.
Item 1. yes, that would be right, also "taking all that into account"
Item 2. a bit more that discussed. You can discuss things without coming to an agreement. This is more like they discussed and came to a mutual agreement of what to do (the plan)
Thanks, Jeannie1!