This magazine I just adore and the best thing about it is the real life pages . The Christmas issue is really special and thanks god I managed to fetch one( don't ask how!) .There's a report that affected me greatly which is the one about the young faces of courage for 2005 , it is , for those who didn't read it, about some little angels with severe illnesses . Imagine that in spite of their pain and suffering, they grin! Their stories were touching and to be honest my tears dropped on the pages as I read, ' Oh my god, my pain is so trivial, it's nothing,' I told myself. I wish these kids the best of health and I wish they are enjoying their time.If you feel like miserable, read this magazine and you'd see that kids are the best role model for grown-ups!!Emotion: smile
hey sweet!! it seems like a nice magazine but where could i buy it i don`t think they sell this magazine is saudi arabia!Emotion: sad
Girl, they do.Emotion: smile
Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies
What about Italy? Emotion: thinking
where?? i mean if u know could u tell me plz!! jarir bookstore or aldanube supermarket??
Lol... Emotion: stick out tongue
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.