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Are Women NUTSO?



WASHINGTON - The FDA has approved a new drug to battle severe PMS - which many psychiatrists now say is a form of mental illness!

Premenstrual syndrome can cause extreme mood swings that sometimes spark violent behavior, point out the psychiatrists. They label the most severe cases of the condition premenstrual dysphoric disorder also known as PMDD.

The new drug, called Sarafem, comes in a pink and lavender capsule and is a version of the popular antidepressant Prozac. Since it went on the market, sales have been booming - and an aggressive marketing campaign by the manufacturer Eli Lilly has ignited a heated debate about whether women with PMS are really crazy.

Many women suffer irritability, tension and temper flare-ups the week before their time of the month - and the condition has even been used as a defense in murder trials. As far back as the 1980s, the American Psychiatric Association has considered including PMDD as an official condition in its manual listing of psychiatric disorders.

But angry women's lib groups denounce the idea, warning that branding PMS as a form of madness might lead employers to question the stability of all women and might even backfire against moms in custody battles.

Calling women nuts be-cause of PMS just isn't fair, critics argue.

"When men get mood shifts, no one says, 'Let's call it mental illness,' " psychologist Paula Caplan, author of They Say You're Crazy, told The Washington Post.

But many shrinks point out that the gals-only condition can seriously interfere with women's personal and professional lives and say the new drug offers sufferers hope.

After research showed Sarafem does alleviate the symptoms of PMDD, the drug company won FDA approval to market it to women last summer.

But critics remain unconvinced that the "mental problem" is a valid illness at all - and don't like the idea that every woman in America could be viewed as insane.

"We now have a psychiatric disorder with (symptoms) that people believe all women have," psychiatrist Nada Stotland of Rush Medical College in Chicago told the Post.
I do believe alot of what that article says. So how do you help women that may have that? Medication? Might work....
It is good that you bring out this topic. Not long ago I have made a summary of the psychoanalytical explanation by a prominent female psychoanalyst Karen Horney on Premenstrual Syndrome, let me paste it here for anyone who's interested to read.

Personally I think that part of the reason why females get such intense mood instability is because of the stress from the developed society nowadays. I refuse to lightly label any kind of mood change as psychiatric disorders. And boys, if the important females around you are really troubling you by their premenstrual mood, it is you who should be more considerate and kind, instead of being immature and irresponsible and say "you are insane!" right. Whether medication is desirable... well... i think for the severe cases drugs may help. But just like when dealing with all these common emotional problems nowdays, be kind, talk and comfort first, medication next.

We know that the premenstrual syndrome manifests psychologically as varying
degrees of tension, ranging from a feeling that everything is too much, a sense
of listlessness or of being slowed down, and intensities of feelings of
self-depreciation to the point of pronounced feelings of oppression and of
being severely depressed.  All these feelings are frequently intermingled with
feelings of irritablity or anxiety.

Biologically as part of the varies physiological changes of the female body
there is an increase in sexual libido prior to menstruation, as for preparation
for conception and pregnancy.  But these biological events by itself do not
link directly to the content of the psychological tension.

It is observed psychoanalytically that when this increase in libido or hope to
conceive (as a primary instinct) is underfulfilled due to external frustration
or unsatisfying experience, and that the woman for some reason takes
frustrations poorly, she will react with rage, that when cannot be deflected to
the outside, may be turned inwards.

More severe symptoms and complicated manifestations are found in women who are
dissatisfied with the reasons for emotional inhibition of the instinct.  Hence
regression occurs, and manifests differently in different individual. 

This can explain partially the psychological event, with the other part
biologically decisive.

Similarly, unconscious conflicts derived from the fear and anxiety towards
pregnancy and all of its implications may contribute to symptoms such as
morning sickness, weakness of labour contractions, or overprotectivenss toward
their children.

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