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Women are supposed to be feminine, if bad words come from a female lips, it become the woman like a man, and us(men) don't like that a woman has masculine posture.

We really like ladies.

when i am soooo angry i swear! that's normally i think...
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I guess it is very common for women to swear when they are very angry.
I think it's perfectly fine... as long as we are aware of the circumstances.

I sometimes use swear words as punctuation marks in acceptable company - but I would automatically reign in my horses if I were in the presence of elders or people whom I sense would not be too pleased with it.

The situation also plays a very important part here... although I have no qualms about swearing as and when I need to vent my anger or frustration, decorum deems it that I still respect the current state of society and environment. I think all of us should be constantly aware and remain sensitive to our surroundings (not only swearing wise); as the ability to adapt can serve us well in our relations with others.

Of course - I'm disregarding the fact that some women swear as a habit... and can even put the most uncouth man to shame by their verbal colourful language. That, in my opinion, is utterly unacceptable.
Wotcha people!

Freedom of speech allows women the right to swear.

I am a woman, and if I want to swear then I shall swear. Even if a man thinks it's unbecomming or unfeminine. I chose to speak the way I want to speak. If people don't like that, then it's their problem. Why do you suppose women compained for equal rights? It wasn't just to be able to vote, it was to be seen as fully able to do anything a man can do, and logically if it's alright for a man to swear then why not a woman?

It's high time people got over that. However when I did A'Level English Language I did read that in conversations and such women were likey to swear much less than men. Like for example apparently a woman might say "Oh dear," or "Darn" or some other 'softer' sort of profanity.

Can't say I believe that though. The theory was from a man in around 1970 and he had absolutely no substantial evidence. Can't remember the theorist, but it was a joke.

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No women should not swear nor should they date a man who does. This is refered to in the bible as abusive speech. If it is not acceptable to God,why should it be acceptable in today's society?

I would prefer a woman who swear but put her honest thought rather than a woman who doesn't swear but just shows fake sweetness, although an actual sweet woman who doesn't swear is more preferable.

Why should it be just women who should not swear? That's a double standard. If it's not good for them to do it, then it's not good for anyone.

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