How do you feel about the position of women in the society? May be in some countries women are given the same priority as that of men. But this is being one of the important issue in the society in some developing countries, for instance in INDIA.

Post your opinion on this issue.

Although India is a very traditional & orthodox country, women have over the years overcome all mind sets and have excelled in most of the professions. They have made important contributions in major fields like engineering and information technology. It is a fact that we are yet to eliminate major social concerns like dowry, female foeticide, child marriage & even Sati (which is still practised in many parts of India). The lack of education in rural India is one of the major reasons for such discrimination against women and we live in hope that someday all Indian women will be free from oppression.
I think women of India should be more conscious of their rights and only mass education can do it.