This dialogue is from a series called Dracula.

The context is this: Dracula is pretending to be a rich industrialist called Alexander Greyson. He throws a lavish party to show off his wealth and power. The party also provides an opportunity to give a demonstration of his revolutionary scientific invention which could make possible investors interested.

The dialogue is between Dracula’s butler and confidant and Jonathan Harker, a journalist.

-The invitation forbade the press (says the butler)

-I’m here on a social basis (says Harker)

-what a shame. Mr greyson will be disappointed that you won’t be writing at least a word or two.

Now, why the butler used the future continuous and not the future simple? Would it have a different meaning? Are they interchangeable? If so, why use one over the other?

SarahKingNow, why did the butler use the future continuous and not the future simple?

If focuses on a future action that will occur over a period of time.

The act of "writing at least a word or two" covers taking notes, thinking about what you want to say, writing it, editing it, and then posting the article in the reporter's newspaper.