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Thanks Deepa (I'm sure she will appreciate your comment). She is from Chile.
glad to find her pic here! thanks for posting!!
A[F]for the beautiful lady from me!!
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Ah, Woodward. All that taking out your heart as your wife's Christmas present, punishing students with swords, all that blood and guts on the kitchen floor and in your office... It all sounded so wonderful. But this picture makes me doubt. Your eyes are far too kind! Tell the truth: were you cheating us, Wood?
The kind eyes were probably due to those "New and Original Kind Eyes contact lenses". It makes the bloodshed a lot easier since your victims don't run away because of your 'I'm gonna hurt you' eyes (which incidently can also be bought in contact lense form too...call now!)
Emotion: wink
Oh Count! You are truly great and magnanimous!
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i would love to wear such lenses! hey where should i pay ??
a pun for you WW !! Vampires are always looking for their necks victim.
LOL! That was terrible but still funny! Ha ha ha!
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Which ones Deepa, the "I'm gonna hurt you" lenses? LOL.
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