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no ! the ones which makes you look more funny!! Emotion: wink
I THOUGHT you reminded me of an actor, but I couldn't put my finger on it.. Now I have it!

50% John Malkovitch
50% Hugo Weaving

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I agree Chameleon!!
Actually I was very good friends with Hugo at school in Australia (after he moved there from Britain), but I was never lucky enough to go to school with WW! Hugo would be flattered I'm sure!
LOL!!!! Either it was either very early morning or very late at night when you posted that...what a laugh! LOL

Quick, bring out those soft padded jackets with the long sleeves.
Na, I'm always like this WW .... scary eh?
BTW don't worry, I've never seen a good looking bloke ... my eyes are not tuned for that.
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Who is your tailor?
Originally I asked for my local Blacksmith to pound out a few metres of chainmail armour but since it was taking him quite a while to link all those small rings together, we bought, borrowed and begged for fabric from where we could and slapped it all together. We were at the institute about half an hour before the party was to start and we were still hand sewing bits to our costumes here and there.
It's great to meet you guys here. This is really a great site. Everyone is so kind and ready to help.
Woodward, nice special pic. Are you a teacher? If so, your students must like you very much, even your "bloodshed" idea. Emotion: smile
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Hi Ahaya yin,
Thank you for your comments. Yes, I am a teacher. We have another costume party coming up soon at the institute so I'll have to think of what I'll be this time (something with swords again).
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