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I didn't knowed that William Wallace is my english teacher....

By..one student
If I remember correctly Survivor75 is Alejandro... OK TEST on Monday! (Just joking)

Is your user name Survivor because you have managed to survive my classes? (up to now)

Remeber that we have our annual Costume party on Friday 29th (October). You've probalby already seen the signs around the institute. This one is looking to be crazier that ever.
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hello woody,
nice to see you along with your lovely wife. Hope both of you live as happiest family of the world.
I am Parashar,petname-Gudu,from a city called bhubaneswar,Orissa,India
i have very recently joned this forum. hope i will get all of your cooperatin and i am certain that i am going to benefit from it. thank you and kep smiling.
Thank YOU Parashar.

Everyone here benefits in some way or another, and I'm not just talking about learning English. The best way to learn in this forum is by joining in the conversations, adding your own comments and asking any questions you may have.
I hope that your time here is a wonderful one.

P.S. I'll keep smilingEmotion: smile
Thank you very much.

I really did not expected to get a response as soon.I am really pleased. I hope our friendship will continue and we will benefit each other,especially myself from you and other members of this forum. As sugested by you i will try to ivolve myself as much posssible i can. Thank you once again.

I have doubt! I read somewhere that now a dys the use of 'G' and 'Z' is almost same?
plz reply.
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how can u breathes .....??