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Hey, what a wonderful picture, Woody!
Quality pic ww! - Do you ever wear suits or anything like that btw? (Recently back from an epic teaching convention - having spilt the blood of many a professor)

Good stuff Emotion: stick out tongue
Students: Are you brave enough to let our tutors analyse your pronunciation?
Nice to meet her, say hello to her, are you Légolas?Emotion: smile
But those ARE my normal day clothes!Emotion: wink

About the only time I wear a suit (other than of armour) is if I really have to. I can't stand wearing a suit. Why be uncomfortable if you don't have to? I wore a suit for my wedding, once again for another wedding in England and that's about it. You'd be lucky to find me wearing a suit more than once a year.

I think I get dressed up in costumes (like in the photo) more!

The two swords that I am wearing in the photo are always in my office, just in case I have to punish the students that don't study! MUA HA HAAAA! I'm usually careful to make sure that there's not so much blood shed since it costs a lot to dryclean the blood stains of the carpet.

Yet again I can't seem to find a serious photo!
Tonight I'm going to a carnival to a pub here. Can u send me those ... things?
Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
Nice pic Woody! Is that your school in the background?
Elena - Funny that you say that about Legolas, people that know me have a habit of calling me that. Maybe because of the long hair I have that is always pulled back.
Chris - yes, it is the school in the background. It's near the entrance. It was for our Halloween party we have at the institute every year which has turned into our big event that every looks forward to. It's a great excuse to get dressed up and eat and drink a lot.
Pieter - Ha ha...and how do you intend on using them?
hi woody! great picture indeed! you have a pretty wife, is she too from newzealand?
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