What's the meaning of word "condescend" .Is it used to describe a person in positive aspect or in negative aspect.?
'Condescending' is an adjective expressing a negative opinion of a person.
rajesh jainWhat's the meaning of word "condescend" .

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Hello, Rajesh jain:

Miss X: Did you like the report that I turned in yesterday?

Professor Y: It was good. But, dear, I don't think that you could really understand the situation. After all, you're not a man.

(Professor Y is being condescending toward Miss X because of her gender.)


Tom: I just bought this grammar book. It was written by Professor X.

Mona: Oh, yes, I have read that book.

Tom: What do you think of it?

Mona: Well, Professor X is neither an American nor a British person. So I would be careful about believing everything

that he says about English grammar.

(Mona is being condescending toward Professor X because of his nationality.)