Hi! I'd like to ask anybody. How can I easely learn prefixes an suffixes. Is there a dictionary what can easely help me? For instance, I can have the verb perform. Noun is performance, person is performer, adjective is performaly, and negative adjective, adverb and negative adverb. My dream dictionary give me all rest words in case I write a word. Is there any? Give me your opinion!
Hi Miles

Unfortunately there is no easy way to learn a foreign language. It calls for a lot of hard work and perseverance. You can of course buy a phrase book and make believe you 'know' the language you are studying but you'll only be fooling yourself. That doesn't mean a phrase book is bad start. If you can't have proper instruction in English, it's better than nothing at all. I wish you all the best and a lot of enjoyable moments with your efforts to learn English.

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Thank's CB. That was very supportive but you did'nt anser to my question. what about prefixes and suffixes... Nobady can help...?

I Googled list of prefixes and suffixes and found several sites.

Miles -- I don't mean to be too discouraging, but "performaly" is not a word. I'm not even sure what an adjective form of a verb would be, unless you mean somehing like "a performing bear," in which case you would use the gerund. Not all parts of speech can be turned into other parts of speech by means of prefixes and suffixes. And what are "negative adjectives" and "negative adverbs"?
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For an adjective, I'd suggest

performance-related stress