With the booming/blooming of the beauty industry, there are many choices for beauty products.

In the sentence, which is correct, booming or blooming? Thanks in advance.



Both are possible but they have different meanings:

- The booming of the beauty industry.

This means that there has been a great increase in the industry. It has gone off 'boom', like a cannon. Business has been increasing at a very high rate.

- The blooming of the beauty industry.

This suggests that, up until now, it has been a new industry. However, recently, its future has started to look very good, like a plant that starts to bloom - to produce flowers.

My own country, the UK, has a long-established beauty market. People are having to stay at home but, apparently, because they cannot go out to the hairdressers or use other beauty services, the use of the products at home is booming. A number of new and small producers have had to move to the internet and now they find their business is blooming.

Hope this helps


anonymousIn the sentence, which is correct, booming or blooming?

Booming. If you wanted speak of an unfolding of the industry, the word is "blossoming".