Slim and graceful, clad in a black cheongsam, she wooed, wowed and chastised her spell-bound listeners with a blend of compliments, barbs and pungent ___. A) assertion B) appraise C) assassin D) audacity

Which is the correct choice?
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I don't like any of them-- isn't there a countable choice, Teo?
The answer is A.
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well, if it is A, it should have been, IMO,
assertiveness, which is a quality, not assertion, which is an action
based on the same, D audacity could also have been an answer
B should have been changed to praise in order to fit
What does IMO mean?
In My Oppinion
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I think D, without a doubt.

I think women with pungent audacity are irresistible. Marlene Dietrich is a perfect example.

Best wishes, Clive
I'd say A or D.

But whichever it is, it's a rather lame conclusion to the sentence.



Edit: Sorry, I misread "assertion" for "assertions". So only D seems to fit.
If we're voting, I vote for D as well, but it's an odd sentence.
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