Are these sentences clear or is there a better choice and is the comma necessary:

The selections were made, and we are in the process of ordering the materials. Rough plumbing can be scheduled when we receive a delivery date on the material.


Rough plumbing is fine. It means the installation of all the pipes (supply lines and drain/vent pipes), but no fixtures, faucets etc. (which are installed later, after other trades like drywall installers have done their work). It may also be referred to as rough-in plumbing, or plumbing rough-in.


The given text is okay as written, except for the term "rough plumbing." I'm a native English speaker in the US, and I've never heard this term before. From the context, I'm guessing you mean something like: "preliminary plumbing work" or "the initial plumbing work" or "the start of the plumbing work."

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