Some words joined with and come in some order as

1. He rode back fast and furious to his brother.

Here the order of words "fast and furious" is fixed, we can't write it "furious and fast" ,as it is written in a book.

I want to know , how someone could know such ordering. Is there any rule?

I have some words like


"once a way"

"very distance places"



I have to write the equivalent of these words , using two words connected with "and". The words are given below

(hither ,again, thick, thicker, wide , high, now , fast, low, far, time, when)

I want some idea such as how to replace "everywher" with the combination any two word (given above).

I don't want anybody solve it for me , but give me some idea, how to resolve it.
You are looking for idioms. If you google "idiom dictionary" you will find several hits. One is idioms.thefreedictionary.com, but that is only one choice. Once there, search for one of your words - for example, "far." Scroll through the responses, and one that you'll see is "far and wide," which means "many places" or "across a wide area" - which could be used for "everywhere." (High and low has a very similar meaning.)

I'm not sure what "once a way" means - perhaps you mistyped that?

Anyway, that should get you started. If you want to post your suggested answers, we can take a look.
If you have a good dictionary, you may be able to find these expressions within the definitions of one of the component words. For example, if you look up the word fast, you may find the expression fast and furious listed near the end of the entry for fast. You may wish to try an on-line dictionary instead if you are not having any success with your own.