I have few sentences based on the word "hair and hairstyle" Please each sentence and make necessary correction if needed. It would be much appreciated if a native English speaker read them, rectify the mistakes if there are any and give the feedback.

Here the sentences.
1) I want to have a new hairstyle starting today.
2) I have to get my hair done by today.
3) I go to my friend's hair salon to get my hair done.
4) I would like to create a new hairstyle for my sister for her wedding, would you help me?
5) I'm getting my hair done at the moment at a hair salon.
6) I would like to get a new hairstyle from you(assume pronoun you as a hairstylist).
7) Could you please do her hair?
8) I think you should try on all the hairstyles on the catalog in order pick the best hairstyle for you.
9) I want to try these new hairstyles on you.
10) I really love doing hairstyles for my customers.
11) After trying these hairstyles on myself and you, I will introduce them to my customers. is that ok?
12) Before doing these hairstyles on you, I want to try them(or do them on) my brother who works with me.
13) Give him a new hairstyle.
14) Give me a new hairstyle or create a new hairstyle for me.

Thanks for your help.
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Wonder123You mean all the sentences in my posting that has word get, getting, do are sounding odd to you?
Yes: we 'do someone's hair', but I have not heard 'do someone's hairstyle'.
So with what word do I need to reword the sentences in order to make the sentences sense to the reader or the hearer?
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Could anyone help me fix the sentence, those who have the idea of speaking about hairstyle.
Before doing this hairstyle on you,

I suggest
eg Before styling your hair this way,
eg Before giving you this hairstyle,

But I think we really need a woman to suggest how to say it well.

CliveBut I think we really need a woman to suggest how to say it well.
Yes I think. Do you think any native English speaker woman would check this thread and respond?
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